Patrick Arends

About me

I'm a Dutch architect from The Hague, currently living in Sheffield. I enjoy traveling, and try to go on as many inspiring journeys as possible. Photography is a way for me to share these journeys with you.


Photography is a great passion and since January 2012 I've become more seriously engaged in it. Taking pictures isn’t just recording my surroundings, it’s a different way of seeing.


By considering what I’m are actually looking at, the materials, colours, texture, patterns, light, reflection, rhythm and composition I experience my environment in a lot more detail. I enjoy capturing people's emotions and freezing such moments in time in portraits and at events.

I've decided to focus on my Leica M9 and develop my photography skills and not get distracted by any gadgets that may exist. I only use available light and a 50mm/f1.4 lens (95% of the time), a 28mm/f2.8 and a 75mm/f2.0 APO lens.

I launched this photography website to share my journeys and experiences and to force myself to critically review my work. Most of the photographs can be purchased as well, do you like what you see? Drop me a line!