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Learning is a journey of discovery that never ends. Whilst developing my photography skills and approach, I have come across many books, papers, essays, websites, forums, blogs, interviews and videos. Hungry for improvement as I am, I read and study a lot. Reading and absorbing a lot of information doesn’t necessarily make me a better photographer. I feel that I need to seriously reflect on what I read, and review whether it inspires me, or improves my skills, which will enhance my photography.

I’ve gone through many books, and after some time, finding myself starting to paging through the content, instead of actually reading everything. The information starts to bore, or turns out to be inapplicable to me. Some well-known photographers claim to have the ‘answer to the ultimate question of photography, the universe and everything’ (and I can tell you the answer is not 42!), and are not holding back in explaining what everyone ‘should be doing’. Some are more humble, stating that it works for them (although strongly recommending you do the same). It might work for them, although I don’t find there is one clear truth. (more)