Patrick Arends

A view without a view

It’s something you should do every weekend! It’s taken me years to pack some hiking stuff, leave the house, and get to the Lake district with one of my best friends and go away for a decent walk. Langdale In the Lake District was the scene for this cloudy adventure. A simple backpack with a drybag, waterproofs, a proper man made fibre jumper and good hiking boots and off we went. (more...)

A long walk uphill was the start of the day. Little did I know how many steps it would take to get to the top. As usual, everytime you think you see some kind of highest point, there’s another one just a little higher. And again and again…

It didn’t take long to end up in the clouds, after which you have no clue how far up you’ve climbed already or how far you still need to go. Without real visibility, the walk became an acoustic hike. All you could hear were our boots stepping on the rocks, gravel and the inevitable sound of me slowly getting out of breath.

An ascent of just over 900m brought us to the top. It felt surreal, like a David Lynch movie set. No sounds, no wind, just fog and clouds around us. Sometimes a single sheep looking very lost. A view without a view was the best thing ever! Somehow your sandwich always tastes far better after such an intense climb. The moment of enjoyment didn’t take long though, the jumper had to come out as it was getting cold and within a few minutes we were off to the next hill top.

During the descent at the end of the day you only then realise how far you’ve actually climbed. Using a complete different set of muscles told me that I'm not used to it at all! I’m born below sea level, so this massive hike was a good opportunity to get out of my comfort zone!

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