Patrick Arends

Not a walk in the park

Doing a decent hike like Kinder Scout in the Peak District with great weather (this time) is an actual delight! I've scrambled up the Edale side of Kinder quite a few times now and every time it's a different experience. First time it was hell (didn't have a clue what the hike would turn out to be), second time round (more confident, but still painful), third time and a few more onwards in variations if wintery snow, ice, sludge and hail and the second from last I hiked it with a larger group in the snow once again. Walked the full circle to Jacob's Ladder on auto pilot. Fully misted up, no views whatsoever!

This time however was an excellent hike. Great soft sunlight to start with, bit overcast later in the day. The ascent changes your heart beat a little, but when you get to the scramble part of the hike, it's fairly relaxing getting to the top. Especially when you stop every now and then to take in the incredible views and take some photographs!

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