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Behind the scenes with Arteh Odjidja

Distance-wise not much of an actual physical travel for me as I live in Sheffield where the photography workshop was held, however participating in Arteh’s fashion model workshop arranged through Leica UK and Harrison Cameras was quite a trip for me. The purpose of this workshop was to gain skills in working with a professional model, setting up the scene and lighting and making sure you get the shots that will sell your client’s clothes.

I only use available light in my photography, and I capture people in the moment, without posing them, so why would I participate? (more...)


I thought it was time to explore something new; gaining new skills that may enhance my own photography as well as meeting award winning photographer Arteh Odjidja.

If you’ve never been to a studio, it could be overwhelming to enter Portland Works Studio led by Carl Whitham, with more studio lights and kit than you can throw a stick at. With ease, the guys explained how to arrange everything to create your desired result. There’s no golden rule where to start; however experience helps the initial set up. The sole purpose was to get the images right, create a mood, a vibe, where model Daniel Bakken’s performance would best come to light.

I was happy to find there wasn’t that much of a focus on the technicality of the kit (which I wouldn’t necessary use in the future), so all actions and improvements of the lighting and settings were aimed at getting the image right. It was great seeing Arteh work with Daniel, before getting into it myself. Everything you do matters, the main composition, how the clothes suit the body, how the hair is styled, how the hands are positioned, everything. Anything strange would instantly distract from selling the clothes.

The behind the scenes photographs show fellow participant Paul Storer at work. Don’t ask me why, but after the workshop I had to see the movie John Wick, to find out what happened to a dog and what you can do with a pencil… 

I’ve gained a lot of knowledge and insights into a shoot that can be applied to a studio setting, or anywhere else for that matter. Taking time to get the shot right is key!

Arteh Odjidja

Daniel Bakken

Portland Works Studio

Harrison Cameras

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