Patrick Arends

Deserted City?

A quick evening visit to Oxford turned out to be intriguing! A city so well known for its' Harry Potter-esque quality of historical buildings, with so many students and even more tourists can actually feel deserted! Imagine starting your city centre visit at 5pm, on a fairly grim and cold day in early March. You would expect the streets to be filled with tourists, cars honking their horns to get through. Bicycles passing by left right and centre. However, the moment you turn into a side street, there's no one there! Is it because they're all done with shopping and sight seeing and have retreated to the comfort of an English Pub? Are they hiding in some hidden backstreet beer garden? (more...)


At times that sounded very attractive, especially after a long day on your feet. But persistance paid off! The historic city revealed itself in a completely different way. Now I know there's a difference between 'real' and 'reality'. Seeing the buildings as they are, without all the people around them makes them more real. Knowing they've been around for hundreds of years is impressive. It is as if you can zoom out and put these buildings in perspective. True sustainability: they'll survive us all...! 


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