Patrick Arends

Fernie Hunt at Great Bowden - December 2012

On Boxing Day, the central green square of Great Bowden (Leicestershire) is filled with horses and hounds. The traditional Fernie Hunt is an off-shoot formed in 1856, when the Quorn Hunt (est. 1696) divided, and meets there every boxing day at 11am, regardless of the weather conditions.

Since the Hunting Act 2004, foxes are no longer to be hunted, so nowadays they use a scent trail for the hounds to chase. The horse master leads the horses and hounds, and the riders are linked through modern technology, some look like secret agents of some kind (yeshh mish Moneypenny…!). (more)




The horses and hounds are groomed to perfection, and so is the crowd. A lot of tweed and (real?) fur is on display. Drinking is a big part of it too (whether you are sitting on a horse or not), so before noon, people are getting well on the way with their pints and other spirits! 

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