Patrick Arends

I wish I was...

...a student again! We're all confronted with student life at some point in our daily lives. Whether it's on the bus that passes Uni, or enjoying a pint at your once so famous local. I look back at Uni with great pleasure. It's quite strange how our perspective on life changes over the years. When I was a student I couldn't wait to get out there in the real world and grow up and become a professional. Looking back at it now, I feel that these days could have gone on for a lot longer than they have. I had time to study, do research in my interests and read loads of books. Somehow I always found time to do things and find inspiration! (more)


There was sufficient pressure to perform (student loans!) and graduate, but there was always time for everything else. Walking around Manchester's John Rylands' Library, I instantly felt like a student again. Seeing people just sitting at the old desks, working and studying their home brought materials (digital or hard copy) is most inspiring. The light that cascades through these windows is amazing, and because you can't see out whilst seated, it takes you away from the busy city centre and brings you into your own little world. Even though my office is only a few blocks away and has the best espresso machine in Manchester - I'm seriously considering taking my laptop and work from there!


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