Patrick Arends

6 years old again at Farnborough Airshow - July 2014

The world famous Farnborough Airshow is held every other year, hosting two events, a trade fair for the global aerospace industry, and a public air show. Hundreds of aircraft are on the static ground display, and many take part in the demonstrations.

Being a Dutchman living in the UK, I almost feel the Red Arrows are mine too. They use my national flag’s colours (it's not different to the Union Jack's as it happens), and have a magnificent display. Massive cheers when they crossed the crowds. The show is visited by young and very old, and all share a certain geeky-ness towards aircraft. (more)


Some take it quite seriously, and invest in massive lenses for their camera bodies. Walking around with my Leica M9 and 50mm/f2.0 lens didn’t impress anyone! The series shown here hopefully gives you an impression of the Red Arrow’s display, with all us geeks becoming 6 years old again and waving at the pilots!


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