Patrick Arends

Lords of Strut - July 2013

After visiting the south of England many times, we have been invited to visit family in Winchester and the Hat Fair. This traditional street theatre festival attracts thousands of people every year.

One of the best acts were the Lords of Strut. Two Irish lads performed some silly stunts. Their show took probably an hour or so, and in the end they didn't do much, however, the comedy value was brilliant! (more)

Started out all dressed, within a few minutes the trousers came down to expose hairy legs in hot pants. Obviously too tight for comfort, but it all added to their own reality of the show.


The show started with good ol' disco classics, and the crowd started to get warmed up. After loads of announcements that they were about to start (which took about 15mins!), it finally started rolling. Ranging from silly dances to simple acrobatics, they got all sweated up. Ready to get the crowd engaged! Dancing with some middle aged men, getting them to catch the fully sweaty Irish lad made the crowd go nuts!


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